Greene County Hay Producers

Do you need hay to help get you through the season?  Please find below a list of Greene County and "close-by" farms that sell hay:


  •  Dundee Farm LLC - GC - Jack Henshaw - 434-985-7635 - Sells, Fescue,Grass mix, 4x5 and round bales
  •  J&J Farms - GC - Jason - 434-960-5075 - - sells Orchard grass, Fescue, Fescue/clover mix - round bales and 4x5
  •  Old Mountain Farm - AC - Dave Norford - 434-906-2199 - - sells Alfalfa, Teff, Mixed grass, square bales ( also ear corn for sale)
  • Steve Catalano- 60 Late second cutting round bales (4x5). Some weeds, but made dry. $28/bale. 10 bale minimum, you pick up.

Do you produce hay in order to sell?  Do you want to add you name to this list?  Contact our office at 434-985-5236, or email Sarah at